Since 1964...


We  added die cutting products to our product line in 1995. For 10 years we have been selling die cutting and flexo printing products. After several years we decided to add more die cutting products to the product line, because it came out to be more than our expectations. We introduced many products to the Turkish corrugated printing market. We sell the best quality products to our customers, This is known by all the printers in the Turkish market, thus We have started a new dealer ship agreement with JAPANESE Company Daiso Co.,Ltd. Daiso Co.,Ltd produces the best creasing rule in the world and all the products that are used with the die cutting plates are also being produced by Daiso, with the best care. The creasing rules are called G-TAPE they can survive 200,000 to 300,000 presses in normal use, and  with the best conditions up to a half million presses possible without a set-change. Wide selection from 120 standard tapes to custom-made tapes. A Double-creasing tape (W type) is also available. 41 years of honest working life of Grafik Kimya, we introduce you with the best Creasing Rule
 Other than Creasing Rule We have Male and Female Striping plate systems, XP and VP corner creasing rules for more acurate and easy preparations, special nife hammers for rottary plates made by Bison skin and also hammers made by special steel which does not harm the blades. Punching symbols, special sponges and rubbers pertinax, glue, and many more by Daiso.