Since 1964...


Year 1967 Mr. & Mrs. Oktay are in Izmir Trade Show

Grafik Kimya ve San. A.Ş. was established in 1964 by Mr. Yüksel Oktay and Sevil Oktay. Back than the name was known as Büro Meral and in 1985 we have became corparation and changed our name to Grafik Kimya. Solely family business.

Since 1964 we have introduced printing materials and equipment into Turkish market and started to produce chemicals for the printing industry in the same year. Soon became the leading company in production of printing chemicals.

For 55 years our goal was to produce and sell safe and quality products and since then we have introduced new product names in Turkey. Our customers rely on the expertise and knowledge of the Grafik Kimya staff.

Nowadays, our goal is to produce and sell safe products for human, environment and printhouses. Our new range of CTP, cTCP and Violett plates and chemicals are excellent for printhouses, newspapers and packaging companies.